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Top : Politics : U.S.

  1. Do you need tools of mass protection, like machine guns? count: 1512

  2. Do you think America's economic boom will go bust? count: 1498

  3. The tax debate is starting up again. What do you think is more important? count: 1411

  4. What should be done with Elian Gonzalez? count: 1133

  5. Should the U.S. government transfer more public lands into private hands? count: 928

  6. Who do you favor in the U.S. Presidential race now? count: 844

  7. Should the United States establish permanent normal trade relations with China? count: 820

  8. Should capital punishment be abolished? count: 689

  9. Should women serve in combat? count: 683

  10. Should more public land be opened up for oil and gas exploration? count: 683

  11. Do you favor a ban on late-term abortions? count: 682

  12. Should South Carolina fly the Confederate flag? count: 661

  13. Is Colin Powell a good choice for Secretary of State? count: 655

  14. Should Congress approve the President's nuclear test ban treaty? count: 650

  15. Does ponography on the Internet need to regulated by Gov't? count: 645

  16. Who was the greatest U.S. President? count: 641

  17. Do we need tighter security along the U.S.-Canadian border? count: 639

  18. Do you think there are still POWs/MIAs living in Vietnam? count: 627

  19. Who would you vote for? count: 622

  20. Do you favor stem-cell research? count: 621

  21. Do U.S. campaign finance laws need reform? count: 606

  22. Are U.S. intelligence agencies doing all they can to screen spies? count: 605

  23. Do you favor President Bush's proposed tax cut? count: 597

  24. Should police take strong measures to control anti-biotechnology protests? count: 590

  25. Will you remember a veteran in your family this week? count: 590

  26. Did the FBI use excessive force at Waco? count: 582

  27. Did the FBI use excessive force at Waco? count: 581

  28. Should the U.S. Navy continue bombing the Puerto Rican island of Vieques? count: 578

  29. Should developmentally disabled people be subject to the death penalty? count: 568

  30. Do you favor stricter background checks on people who purchase firearms? count: 566

  31. Is it time for a thorough investigation of the FBI? count: 546

  32. Do you think Labor Secretary nominee Linda Chavez should have sheltered a illegal immigrant? count: 544

  33. How should the U.S. handle accidents that result in international confrontation? count: 541

  34. Do the U.S. Marines need their own fleet of aircraft? count: 534

  35. Marijuana may soon be legal for medicinal use in Washington, DC. Do you think it should be legalized? count: 483

  36. Does the prospect of space weapons give you a sense of security or fear? count: 435

  37. Are you satisfied with the outcome of the 2000 election controversy? count: 421

  38. Should convicted terrorists be put to death? count: 421

  39. How closely have you followed Presidential election? count: 284

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