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Top : Politics

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  1. Is the Department of Justice lawsuit against the tobacco industry good or bad news? count: 1532

  2. Should Boy Scout troops adopt ''don't ask, don't tell'' policies toward gay members? count: 1016

  3. Is there too much pornography on the Internet? count: 990

  4. Do you favor legalization of video or on-line gambling? count: 922

  5. Do you think former KGB spies should be able to reveal their secret missions without fear of reprisals? count: 582

  6. Marijuana may soon be legal for medicinal use in Washington, DC. Do you think it should be legalized? count: 486

  7. In light of recent shootings, many people have thought long and hard about gun control. How do you feel today? count: 355

  8. How closely have you followed Presidential election? count: 287

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