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Top : Health

  1. Is the Department of Justice lawsuit against the tobacco industry good or bad news? count: 1532

  2. What's the best way to deal with teen drug use? count: 1487

  3. Do you think it is cruel and unusual punishment to release former mentally ill patients without their medication? count: 1122

  4. What's the best plan to ensure universal health insurance coverage? count: 944

  5. Are you worried about eating tacos made from genetically modified corn? count: 919

  6. Should sales of alcoholic beverages be taxed to pay for alcohol abuse awareness and prevention programs? count: 867

  7. Over the past 10 years, women generally have chosen female doctors. Should patients be able to choose doctors based on gender and/or race? count: 663

  8. Would you drink soymilk? count: 659

  9. Do people have to wait too long for medical care? count: 607

  10. If your doctor endorsed accupuncture, would you give it a try? count: 591

  11. Do you like tea? count: 489

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